Think about such things

It’s Sunday Morning 7.30. It’s been so long since my last post, and it's the very 1st one in 2017. I just need to share this, can’t hold back: /

You all know that on Feb 15, 2107 there will be governor’s Election Day for Jakarta citizen. I’m not living in Jakarta (I’m in Solo actually) but this Election Day things – the hustle and bustle-things, people’s opinion, those things just kind of annoying in my ears, people said bad things one to another. That’s the point when you don’t like someone, even the good things they did, won’t affect your judgment.  You will always success looking for bad things, when you don’t like them. (I’m not gonna bring any politics issue here, it’s just too sensitive).

I just want to talk about it in general way and Election Day – hustle and bustle is just a trigger.
Talking bad things about a person is no good, you all know it. Mocking, bullying, belittling, those things are annoying. Those things ruin human life; those things ruin people’s relation, makes us hate one another. 

The questions are: Why don’t we look in ourselves instead of mocking other people? Why don’t we look deeper in our lives and hearts, asking, am I better than him/her? Is there my words that hurt my friend's feeling? Is there my attitude that annoy my friend? Is there any character in my life that I need to polish? Is there any behavior that I need to fix? Why do we are so busy looking for bad things in people’s lives? It’s annoying and it’s not cool, man up. Talk about bad things about other won’t make you any better; it just shows who you are. 

So instead of talking a bad things, why don’t we try to do this -> think and talk a good one, whatever is true, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, think about such things. It’s OK when we fail, we are learning.  Well, I’m not saying we can’t give any opinions or shout out our thought, etc. We still can do that in a healthy way without belittling anyone 

Have a blessed Sunday, pals!