I'm bad in typing the title : ( well, whatsoever :)

to my dear friend..
Sometimes you just have to let that butterfly goes away..so it can fly flawlessly..
Sometimes you just gotta let it go, even when it's hard and your heart is about to cry..

Dont push yourself to say 'it's allright, it's ok'..er.. I profoundly said, pain is never OK!
Just let it go..  when you're meant to be together with that butterfly, surely you two will be united in God's perfect time.
Ok, i admit it, it's not easy for the 1st time to let go, but it's too tired to fight in one side. I know it's too tired to cry all night long just because it ignores you for another 'it-thinks-that's a very beautiful' butterly. I know it's hard and your heart tend to 'push' your feeling to say, 'i'm ok',because you've already have a very deep feeling.. That feeling is not right. Altough, Plato said 'love is a serious mental disease' , i think it's not love when it hurts you in the 1st place. Dont push your heart too much. 

When it's not the time dont try to make it happen on your own, because it brings a serious mental disease for you both.
Let it go, cause you're worth the wait and fight.
You deserve the very best butterfly! Just be patience to wait it comes to you, you're His princess and He's the King, and He will bring the prince come to you in the right time and in the right place. Just wait patiently. Hide your heart below His wings so you walk calmly.
Let God guard your heart and lead your way. Pray harder to heal your emotional dependency.

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