monday 8.54 pm

When my faith gets weak, He knows. I just have to go to Him and tell Him everything, ‘oh Lord, how weak my faith is..I need You, Jesus” then He reminds me that everything is gonna be just fine. I got confused and the 'what if' questions got me overwhelmed, but seriously, deep in my heart I found His peace, His loving-kindness hugs me warmly and He gives me His peace abundantly.  
The situation when my faith gets weak is a human thing, which we may know and realize that we can't stand tall without Him. “For when I am weak, then I am strong”- [2 Corinthian 12:10-NIV].

By faith wait expectantly for what has already been written.
Don't focus on what's happening or all the things going wrong, fix your eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of your faith. (Hebrew 12:2)

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  1. quote nya bagus cyn... final chapter nya udah ada dan final chapter itu pasti heppy ending, hehehe... thanks for reminding^^

  2. :D sama2 kak, btw inggrisku bener g ya itu? hehehe