definitely, maybe

hearing the clock...it's ticking..
the night slowly come...
it brings a lot of sweet things..
the moon and the stars..
they're shining so bright
as bright as my feeling right now..
(no, I am not drinking..lol..)
it also brings a picture..
beautiful picture that I can not forget..
It's the picture of you
when I see it I feel so warm..
is it you or the picture that brings warmth? (too much ;p)
I wonder, if you ever think of me, even for a second? (doubt it)
hey, it's me..I'm still exist (so what? *remind this question, It'll give you an answer)
suddenly, I remember..
he said,
"I have a beautiful friend, so beautiful.." (yeah *that much* he said it profoundly, a..aw..no doubt)
I can see, he wants her so bad so bad, he cares about her...
I'm so curious, who's that girl???
She must be lucky to be loved by that kind of man (man, not boy :p it's clearly different)
yeah, I was jealous actually (who doesn't?)
he's already has someone he loves... (tragic..ha)
Should I forget you?
definitely, maybe

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