for you I will

buka2 mp3 lama,.eh, nyoba dengerin lagunya tata young yang "FOR YOU I WILL" lyric nya cukup so sweet..awawaw... jadi saya post deh...
special for you, somewhere out there ( halah,, gaya bener :p ) lagi sok2an mellow..hahaha

When you're feeling lost in the night
When you feel your world just ain't right
Call on me, I will be waiting
Count on me, I will be there
Anytime the times get too tough
Anytime your best ain't enough
I'll be the one to make it better
I'll be there to protect you, see you through
I'll be there, and there is nothing, I won't do

I will cross the ocean for you

I will go and bring you the moon
I will be your hero, your strength
Anything you need
I will be the sun in your sky
I will light your way for all time
Promise you, for you I will

I will shield your heart from the rain

I won't let no harm come your way
Oh these arms will be your shelter

No these arms won't let you down
If there is a mountain to move
I will move that mountain for you
I'm here for you, I'm here forever
I will be your fortress, tall and strong
I'll keep you safe, I'll stand beside you, right or wrong

Promise you, for you I will 


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