banyak orang bingung karena grammar, sehingga mereka enggan untuk mempelajari lebih dalam... tapi pentingkah grammar??? (sebenarnya penting ngga penting menurut saya..^^)
di sini saya menuliskan 16 jenis grammar, semoga bisa bermanfaat :)

 1. Present Tense (show habitual action)

 2. Present Continuous Tense (show an action now - keadaan yang SEDANG berlangsung)

 3. Present Perfect Tense ( when we use this tenses, there's always a connection with NOW. The action was in the PAST but has a result NOW )

e.g :: He told me his name but I've forgotten (means:: I can't remember it right now)

 4. Present Perfect Continuous Tense (peristiwa yang dimulai pada waktu lampau dan masih berlangsung sekarang)

 5. Past Tense (show something in the past)

 6. Past Continuous Tense (menunjukkan aktivitas yang terjadi pada waktu lampau dan aktivitas yang terganggu yang sedang-terjadi pada waktu lampau)

e.g :: What were you doing when the general came to your house??
        When I arrived, he was making a cup of coffee

 7. Past Perfect Tense (menjelaskan aktivitas yang terjadi, sebelum aktivitas di masa lampau)

e.g :: when the mouse came, the hunters had gone with the lion
        the girl had counted the money she got before the eggs hatched
        after the hunters had gone, the mouse came to free the lion

 8. Past Perfect Continuous Tense (pperistiwa yang sudah dimulai pada waktu lampau dan masih berlangsung pada waktu lampau)

e.g :: when I sent a letter, they had been waiting for me
        he had been reading a book, when they arrived

 9. Simple future tense 

10. Future Continuous Tense (menunjukkan peristiwa yang akan sedang terjadi di masa depan)

e.g :: Mia will be arriving from Jakarta tonight

11. Future Perfect Tense (peristiwa yang sudah dimulai pada wwaktu lampau dan segera selesai pada waktu yang akan datang)

e.g :: It's seven to two, we'll have been late by the time we get there

12. Future Perfect Continuous Tense (peristiwa yang sudah terjadi pada waktu lampau, tapi masih ada kemungkinan untuk dilajutkan)

e.g :: she will have been working in this office for five years by the end of the year

13. Past Future Tense (peristiwa yang direncanakan terjadi di masa depan, tetapi terjadi di masa lampau)

e.g :: she thought that she would sell the eggs in the market
        she was sure that all the eggs would hatch soon

14. Past Future Continuous Tense (peristiwa yang akan sedang terjadi di masa lampau)

e.g :: we should be helping them on Sunday

15. Past Future Perfect Tense (pengandaian yang tidak mungkin karena syarat tidak terpenuhi = conditional clause type 3)

e.g :: You should have collected the paper yesterday (means : you didn't collect it yesterday)
        If Mia had been kind she would have had many friends (means : she wasnt kind so she didnt have any friends)

16. Past Future Perfect Continuous Tense (peristiwa yang akan sudah sedang berlangsung pada waktu lampau)

e.g :: He would have been studying here for three months by June last year

okay... that's all....happy study guys^^


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