happily ever after :)

a girl named Gina is not a girl not yet a woman, actually a teenage! She is a college student in Voyage University, California. Gina has a warm family, she has warm parents and big brother. Rebeca Gina Garland is her full name, she is good looking enough for a college student. Gina is a diligent student, everyday she learns many things includes learn how to be a good writer. Actually, writing is her new hobby, by writing she can tell everything that she felt.
Gina felt something wrong with her life. Suddenly, she lost herself! She felt so messy! This could be a beginning of her life or beginning to the end! No one knows! Lately, she felt so far away from God's loving kindness which should be always leads her. Everything goes wrong that day! Gina felt that everyone, even her close friend usually be little her. Many things that Gina had said just seemed to fade away. Complete! Everyone despises her! Have you ever felt you do not belong??? Yeah! That's exactly Gina's feel.
This feeling has come to be something that uncomfortable, exists but none sees. What the hell the people???!!! 
Gina was fed up so bad! She can not hold the problem up anymore. One day she goes to church in her university and pray to God, hoping that He forgive her and give His loving kindness back. She cried loudly...what happened to me??? I can't stand it anymore! None can accept me! None can appreciate my words! None is willing to hear my problem! None cant stand for me!!! None understand me!! I feel so empty! The worst, I lost Your Love T.T..She said within her heart...She drops her tears so bad..
Actually in that church there are so many people around. Gina did not realize that she sat next to a young man who staring at her when she cried. That man feels so sorry with Gina :( And when she cease her tears she realize that someone is watching her seriously..That man is her new friend, he is Peter.
"Hi, Gina...what's wrong???" asked Peter when the church events has over. "Nothing...", Gina replied. "Gina, I know you can tell me anything, because you've just known me... but I just want to tell you that God loves you so much", says Peter wisely. "Is he??", she asks back and then continue her words, "I don't know, but I just feel that I'm so priceless, nothing I can do for HIM! I failed! I'm fed up with myself! None understand me and want to be my real friend wholeheartedly!", she cried again. 
 After her serious talk with Peter they become close friend. Peter always courage Gina with his words. Day by day, Gina feels better and she can continue her study well. Her parents didn't know her problems because Gina hide it from them in purpose, because she didn't want to see her parents sad.
Peter always want to protect Gina anytime, anywhere... ! He always want to ease her pain no matter what! He never felt this feeling before! Oh! Peter is already falling in love with Gina!! 
As a gentle man, he declares his love to Gina. He asks Gina to be his girl even his fiance! Gina accepts Peter happily and they become a couple that always put God in a first place. They both face the life with the true love that they received from God. And together they live happily ever after :)


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